Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Oslo, Norway.

I'm jumping over my few days in Svalbard to do a quick photo purge from my few hours in Oslo. No real tips here either; I couldn't gather much from walking around half a day (and a dinner one eve). I do expect to be back here though, since it's a hub to get to Svalbard -- where I for sure expect to go back. 

(Maaaaaybe I have one tip, since I can't seem to resist: even if you have travel-sized bottles in your carry-on luggage, there's a one liter total maximum at the Oslo airport - and they're strict about it. I went to this airport four times in six days, and it was rough. So if you don't want to keep throwing stuff away, or if you want to forgo a fight with an airport employee because you're being forced to throw stuff away - even though you are under the maximum - adhere to these guidelines.)

I love me some good street art.
I passed by the notorious Storting building (Norwegian Parliament), known as the country's "most important symbol of democracy." 
And then The Royal Palace! Not too shabby of a place to call home, right? (It's apparently the most important of all the King's residences.)
The prettiest tulips, blooming all over the city...
And lastly, a little street message that I'm glad my eyes were open to see. (Love you, Ingrid!)

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