Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tempe, AZ.

Not to be confused with LA palm trees, these are Arizona palm trees, guys. South Mountain, to be exact.

I made my way to Arizona to visit Carli and her boyfriend, Tyler, who was there for Spring Training, and to clear my head of the city for a couple of days. It was exactly what I needed: friends, food, sun and fun. (And a lot more work than I had anticipated on my little "vacation," but what can you do.) We walked, we hiked, we cooked, we dined out, we watched a baseball game, we watched the Bachelor finale (since blogging is about keeping it real), and I couldn't have wanted anything more. Except an elongated stay, of course...

The cutest place ever, The Farm, was walking distance from where Carli was temporarily living, and we'd head over each day for a bite to eat. (I'm still dreaming of their brownie bites.)
Breakfast was here. I mean, a cafe called Morning Glory? Cutest. Ever.
We made a quick trip to Camelback Mountain on my last day - quick because it's not a very leisurely hike and I, of course, had my camera. I immediately learned that rock climbing while holding a large camera wouldn't work, so we did as much as we could without jeopardizing my camera. (Noted for next year.)

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