Friday, December 25, 2015

Being Merry.

Holiday cheer sure is contagious!

Eve de Christmas.

What what! Another Christmas in the city! (How crazy to see years' past, by the way?) I'm surprisingly not aiming for the whole Grinch thing this year, and I even consented to join my friend Aurelia at her family friend's party tonight. And if that's not enough, I'm even going to her family's Christmas dinner tomorrow, too! That would be a grand total of two consecutive holiday events, which will be two more events attended than the last handful of years combined. (Three holiday invites accepted on my end within the last two months, if you include Thanksgiving!)

To be clear, I don't hate holidays or anything like that. I actually really like them, and if I had the space, I'd be hosting every last one of 'em - and I'm talking full blown holiday events and such. I'm just not used to doing the big family holiday thing. I moved to LA right after high school and only went back East for the first couple of years for major holidays. It's just been me and the pups since, which I've grown accustomed to, and I hate to say it...but I can prefer it, at times. I learned to like how peaceful it was out here with just me and my dogs, and that's what became my own Christmas tradition: a mellow day, in sunny LA, with many a gifts for my dogs.

I'm excited to try do new things and go new places though, and to make an effort to get dressed up and all that. I'm not really one to make resolutions (I really do sound so anti-holiday), but I did have a chat with myself regarding getting "out there," so here's to (hopefully) doing just that!
I put Z in Nellie's old "ugly sweater" since I was apparently headed to the home of the woman who was in charge of costumes for The Cosby Show. I figured he could be an acceptable date, no?
Okay, dog and ugly sweater-less, but look! Still sweatpants-less!