Monday, November 23, 2015


I treated my birthday as if it was a mini wedding. That may sound obnoxious, and maybe it was (hello, hashtag #KrittaBTurnsThirty), but I really enjoyed it - and I think (hope?) most attendees did, too!

You know the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie says she's getting married to herself? That was kind of what sparked it. I love celebrating my friends and their milestones (engagements/weddings/babies), but I wanted to take a moment and celebrate...myself, which when typing it, sounds ridiculous. But after a tough year last year (I spent my birthday crying on my bathroom floor before pulling myself together and heading to my favorite restaurant- just keeping it real), I thought to make it a "thing" and do something really fun. And wear an almost wedding dress, black tulle and all.

I asked my friend Travis if he'd kindly host, since he's not too far from me and I could shuttle things back and forth, and because he has a killer apartment with a killer view. I envisioned fun thirtieth decor, a nice dessert spread, a makeshift photo booth, and I decided to hire a bartender so everyone could enjoy themselves. (It's also easy to get everyone to show up when you text FREE BOOZE.) I kept pretty busy two weeks beforehand making my decorations and planning my schmancy dessert table (complete with last minute flower arrangements), and I was really, really happy with the turnout. Aesthetically, it was everything I wanted - and then some. Emotionally, it was the same. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better launch into my thirties.

I feel really good about this upcoming decade.

I look scared here, ha, but it was just a bit of embarrassment - and delight. (You can catch a glimpse of my adorable striped straws, too! S'all about details.)
*Thank you again and again, Trav & Linda!

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