Monday, November 30, 2015

Many Thanks and Knife Tosses.

A late-ish invite, not quite last minute, but only even last minute-ish because she didn't know I hadn't had any plans to begin with. What? No plans?! Ingrid texted me when I told her I wasn't going to do anything for Thanksgiving. That wasn't unusual for me; my family (for the most part) is back East, and I haven't ever really cared about making big holiday plans, being out West. It is weird since I love event planning, but when it comes to big familial/holiday things, I don't know...I almost steer clear from them. Ingrid left me no choice though, and informed me she was picking me up at four thirty to take me to her future mother-in-law's.

By the way, I realized how off-putting the whole holiday-hating thing could sound when most recently, Aurelia shot me a text saying I know you hate holidays but you're welcome to spend Christmas with my family! I re-read that a few times and thought, fuck, that sounds terrible.

 I don't hate holidays! I texted back. I just don't "do" the whole holiday thing, so instead of placing any "holiday" expectations on a particular day, it's just any other day to me! She got it. She's known me long enough to get it. It did make me think twice about any lack of holiday perception I give off though (being a downer is never cute), but I digress.

Back to Thanksgiving: I was offering to help clean the dishes after a fantastic dinner when Andrew's mom happened to knock a knife off a plate, which landed on the kitchen floor.

"A man is coming!" she exclaimed.

"What?" I asked, wondering if the red wine had gotten to my head (I usually go for white).

"A knife dropped! That means a man will be coming soon," she explained a bit further.

I couldn't help but to laugh. "A Thanksgiving miracle!" I rejoiced, and threw my arms above my head. "Excuse me while I go back to the dining room and throw everyone's knives off their place settings," I joked. But in all seriousness, I went back to the table and told Ingrid and Andrew what had just transpired in the kitchen. They're pretty big supporters of my (future) love life - great friends, I know - so whether or not they believed in the knife-dropping theory, they at least did the courteous friend thing and played along.

"His name will be Robert Sean!" Andrew's mom proclaimed while exiting the kitchen. "Seriously, imagine if you met a Bob!"

"If I do, I will forever give thanks to you - and this Thanksgiving," I replied.

We continued the remainder of our Thanksgiving evening laughing, eating more, and toasting to "Bob."

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