Thursday, October 8, 2015

Setting the Right Pace.

One step at a time is good walking. – Chinese Proverb

It's officially the last month of my twenties, and I think I'm half thrilled and half scared shitless. I often catch myself thinking Am I where I should be in life? That's a hard question to answer, but for the most part I think I've figured it out: I am exactly where I should be. I've also figured out that one should not ask themselves that question, because it's all relative.

I am where it makes sense for me to be in this exact stage in my life, and I'm going to embrace the hell out of it because that'll change before I even know it. (Or when I do know/expect it to, should things go as planned this summer.) Time goes by so fast, and I want to make sure I'm living in the present moment, rather than being so concerned with what's next. I'll get there - wherever "there" is - one step at a time. And let's be real, a casual stroll is a lot more relaxing than a sprint. (Especially when taken in Malibu.)

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