Monday, October 26, 2015

Planes, Trains, Thangs.

Hello, from Kortrijk, Belgium! Where the fluck is that, you ask? About an hour and a half from Brussels, via train. I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, being told pretty last minute that I would be shipped off to Belgium for a work-related trade show – by myself no less. (There’s nothing like last minute packing and scrambling to get the dogs taken care of, on top of trying to put together some sort of business agenda that’s cohesive and intelligible for a world-wide market.) I’m always up for a good challenge though.

I’ve had so much to write about prior to heading to Europe (I’m pretty sure I still have Mexico to finish?), and now I’ll need to tack on all sorts of European thangs, because this trip has certainly not been without stories to tell.  It’s my first time traveling on my own, and it’s an entirely different experience, both good and a little less good. I won’t say bad, nothing has been bad, it’s just a new way of traveling that I hadn’t yet experienced, is all. It is nice to be able to walk around at my own pace though, taking as many photos as I want without feeling like a bother, and deciding to eat when I want, and head back to the hotel when I want, and go to sleep/wake up when I want (granted, I’m up super early every day since this is a work-related trip).

Back to the stuff not yet written. It’s kind of evident that I go on kicks where all I want to do is write about every last thing I’m thinking and feeling, and then I’ll do a complete 180 and crawl into a hole, not writing or talking about anything (to anyone). It can be tricky when some of what I want to write about is related to family/friends that might read this, and yes, I get it, this is a blog and it's published, but still. It’s not a fun feeling to read something that’s directed toward you, and the last thing I want to do is upset someone I truly care about, regardless of the current state of our relationship. I'm trying to sort so much out in this head of mine, and once that task is done(ish), I'll projectile vomit all the feels on here, I'm sure.

Binnenkort praten! (I'm hoping Google translate was correct with saying "talk soon," because let me tell you, Dutch is not the easiest of languages to try and figure out on your own.)

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