Sunday, August 16, 2015

Self-dating: a Concert.

I have so much to write about regarding this "self-dating" topic, but not as much time as I'd like in order to bang it all out this very second. Because that's who I am: an instant gratification kinda gal, lacking a bit in the patience department. Since I have to start somewhere though, I'll start off with saying this: take yourself out on a date! Specifically, take yourself out on a date to a concert. (Trust me.)

I've always liked doing things on my own. That's not to say I always prefer my own company to that of others; however, every now and then, I really like spending quality time with myself. Dating myself, you could even call it.

I take myself out to dinner at least once per week, which honestly can be super entertaining. People - men in particular - wind up sharing so many stories about their life to the lone girl sitting at the bar (like this guy did), and being a Sociology major (and a talker myself), I eat it all up. I've also learned to really enjoy going to the movies by myself, especially living in the city since I'm able to walk to the theater. And now? I'm at a cafe that I've been frequenting on weekends for a little breakfast and writing solo date. When I came in today, my coffee was ready before I reached the front of the line - and it was on the house! There are definitely perks of going places alone; being forced to interact with people can get you hooked up! But I digress.

Last week, for the first time ever, I went to a concert by myself. Remember Making the Band, on MTV? Welp, here's an embarrassing confession: I am utterly obsessed. Like, currently still obsessed, despite the show going off air in what, 2008 or so? I've always loved to sing and dance, so I've been vicariously living through these girls for years. (Another confession: when I workout, I watch MTB videos on YouTube. They're about seven increments at a time on an unauthorized channel. That's some real dedication right there.) Anyway. Two of the girls from Danity Kane, the band that was eventually formed from the TV show, recently formed their own group called Dumblonde. I stalked their Instagram learned they were going to play a local show at The Roxy and immediately asked a friend of mine to go. I'd never seen any of the MTB concerts before, and the little girl inside of me wanted so desperately to go. So, I excitedly made a plan and bought my ticket.

When the night of the concert rolled around, my friend had to cancel. I was pretty bummed, but after some thought, I decided to still go. I knew I'd be more disappointed if I didn't get to see the girls perform after all these years, so that rationale won over me feeling uneasy about going alone. I got dressed, Ziggy (and Nellie) kissed me goodbye, and off to the concert alone I went.

I got there a bit early to scope out the scene and to get a stiff, nerve-calming drink. There were people already packed in front of the stage, so I stood by the bar to people watch. And so I could get an easy refill, should I become extra uncomfortable by myself. I tried to say "hello" to a couple of people, yet no one seemed really interested in chatting. I decided to squeeze my way toward the front of the stage, which wasn't too hard since it was just me, and I perched against the wall.

Any anxiety I had was alleviated as soon as the stage curtain raised. I was in my music zone, in front of people I'd been following since I was eighteen. Thank god I went. I was singing and dancing with people next to me in the crowd, who had been fans of the show and of these girls as long as I had. That was the best part, and it got better and better with each song that played.

Upon scanning my photos after the show, I was closer to the stage than I had even realized. I was so, so thankful that I went, replaying the videos all night long that I had taken - not ones that I was seeing on someone else's social media account, after the fact! I would totally go to another concert alone again, I would just get there closer to the start of the show, since it was a bit awkward fumbling around the venue before the opening act even started. I think it's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone, which I definitely was, since I'm not a frequent concert goer. Had my I don't wanna go alone rationale won, I wouldn't have been able to say, after ten years, that I finally saw the girls from Making the Band. I had a night that was all about me, and not in a selfish way; I was able to own my night and fully enjoy it, despite being on my own. And I'm proud of that.

P.S. I figured as long as I was being a fangirl, I may as well snag a photo with Cindy, who was on the show years ago, too (which a true MTB fan would know).

So freakin' embarrassing.


  1. This concert looks a lot of fun.
    It's nice to have some me-time :)

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

    1. Thanks! It really was, and yes, it really is! :)

  2. I have never thought of labeling it "self dating" but now that you say it, its a perfect way to describe taking yourself out to the movies or dinner. One of my favorite things to do by myself is go to the movies. That way, I can see any crazy, cheesy movie and not feel judged by anyone I dragged with me :)

    Ginger Side of Life

    1. Thanks so much! I'm totally agree re: seeing cheesy movies alone - and you can eat as much junk as you want without judgement, too ;)

  3. More power to you and your blog – you look fab!

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