Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Postcard from Tulum.

Guess who's back, full of energy, new memories, and mosquito bites? Me! (Pretend you see the emoji girl with her hand raised, here.) Tulum was incredible. I ate my way through this little village from start to finish, climbed Mayan ruins, snorkeled through cenotes (sinkholes), made new friends, and as planned, went barefoot in the sand for the majority of my trip. Surprisingly, I'm not at all tired; I must be on a travel high, which I'm not mad at.

I can't wait to share more photos, videos, and my favorite memories, which I actually remembered to make note of while there. (I'm not quite sure how though, given the amount of margaritas I consumed within that four-day span.) I also remembered, for the most part at least, to stop thinking and to let things just happen. I constantly need to work on that, which I do admit. It was funny, the snorkeling guides at one point were even telling me to Relaxxx! I guess I'm that obvious, ha. I can assure you though, while I was lounging on this chair (above), in beautiful Tulum, Mexico,  I didn't need any reminders...

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  1. Beautiful and chic look! Love the shoes, great color and pop of color!