Thursday, July 30, 2015

Got My Hurr Did.

As defined by Urban Dictionary:
"The ghettofabulous way of saying 'I just got my hair done.' "
Waniquwa: Waddap Laquisha!
Laquisha: Dizzayum girl, yo hurr be lookin fly! 
Waniquwa: Yea. I just got my hurr did.
Dizzayum! I'm feeling slightly less like a jungle woman now, which is good. I thought with the Big 3-0 coming up, I'd want to hack off my hair to look more "sophisticated," but I've never seen my hair so healthy in my life, making me want to stick with the length for a bit longer. (I guess that's what not coloring your hair in twelve months will do.)

Peace out, overgrown color-turned-brassy-unintentional-ombré, this almost thirty-year-old is getting her shit together.


  1. The hair looks incredible! The cut and hair are perfection!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend:)


  2. Your hair looks great, I love the style! Have a nice weekend :)

  3. Haha love the Urban Dictionary definition and your hurr does look amazing!