Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Because Sometimes I Dress Up.

My girlfriend Carli made me laugh the other day when she said "I buy all these cute clothes and when I go to get dressed, I look at those outfits and think 'who am I kidding,' and put on my yoga pants." Yes, girl, yes.  (Of worthy note: her boyfriend is a professional baseball player and she's still not getting dressed to the nines. That makes me feel better, knowing that I'm not the only one who feels it can be daunting to get glammed up on the regular, and that my loungewear is not entirely indicative of my singledom.)

I used to put way more effort into getting dressed and looking somewhat presentable every day (remember this theory?), but somewhere a while back, I just stopped. (Ha.) Working for myself isn't the easiest of motivators; I don't really want to get up, get dressed, and put my face on - just to remain in an office all day by myself. Jah feel me?

When I do have a reason to get dressed up though, like for a friend's A-list bash at the Ritz, it is fun to dust off my "going out" clothes that just hang in my closet - most with tags on - desperately wanting to be worn. Hell, for this night, I even wore false eyelashes! Maybe I should put my sweats on a really high shelf, or feng shui the whole closet again so I'm forced to wear something other than gym-like attire. Or, maybe I'll take a cue from Carli, because who am I kidding.

I wish I got a better outfit shot, because I really loved this dusty blue two-piece number.
Three Massholes plus one co-founder of Cash Money Records. (I couldn't resist.)

And see? Don't let the cute outfits or "celebrity event" fool you, we were back at my apartment - in pajamas - by 11PM. By 11:05, three outta the four in my apartment were out cold.


  1. I feel the same -- it's fun to get dressed up for events and outtings -- but I enjoy sitting around in yoga pants when I'm not out and just relaxing.

  2. You look gorgeous!! Fun pics :)


  3. That outfit is really nice! You look great :) but yeah, I agree, dressing up is harder when you don't really haaaave to do it.

    - Kaitlyn |