Sunday, July 12, 2015


For me, falling in and out of love with the city is as cyclical as the tides of the ocean.  The routine fall from grace with this particular relationship typically occurs when I'm in a funk, since it's pretty easy to not like much of anything when you're in one of those moods, home not excluded. When I fall back in love though, it's always deeper than before. I'm amazed with the exhilaration I feel yet again, strolling around alone, discovering new things about the city and simultaneously about myself. 

One of the better finds, of course, is a fabulous background for weekly portraits. I love waking up early on the weekends in hopes of snagging some good shots, the city as still as can be, with no interruptions from people or other dogs (since Z isn't a big fan). Quality time with my city is my favorite, when my attention shifts from any and all thoughts of incompatibility, focused instead on increasing the balance and harmony between us. All of us.


  1. Cute pictures!


  2. These photos are adorable! Love the colorful back ground :)

  3. Your dogs are so cute!! It's great to find cool backgrounds for pics!