Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TWF (texts with friends).


First text: self-explanatory. (I didn't ask her if I could post.)

Second text: Sharon isn't a friend; she's my mama, but I thought her text was funny ("weird hippie weird ass?"). Also, it's funnier to call her "Sharon" vs. "Mom," which is why that's her contact name in my phone. I am likely "Krista" in hers, because "my favorite daughter" is already taken:

She accidentally shared that with me this morning. YES, WE ALL KNOW MAGGIE IS THE FAVORITE, thanks for drilling that point home.


Andddd Sophia re: the Yeezy Boost's I want, andddd Rachel for the win, after she came across someone posting about being a #basicbitch on Instagram. God I love her. (She did her contact name in my phone, BTW.)

(I guess I can be kinda funny too. Thanks for thinking the same, Cait.)

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