Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Could Have.

Father's Day was this past weekend, which anyone with access to a smart phone or a computer or any device with Internet access would know, should they have needed the reminder. Photos shared of a Father's Day brunch, luncheon, or dinner; photos shared of recent outings spent together; "throwback" photos shared of fathers from decades ago. Sharing, sharing and more sharing of people and their fathers, from years past and present, from all around the world.

I could have shared a photo of my father. It would have been a throwback photo - not by choice, by circumstance - but I could have shared one nonetheless, thanking him for being one half of the reason I was brought into this world. I could have shared a photo where he looks pretty damn cool, exactly like James Morrison, decked out in seventies' attire with a head full of curls (I got that from him). I could have shared a photo of the two of us in his Corvette Stingray, with the red leather interior, or the black and white photo shot in a professional studio with a basketball placed in between us (a tribute to his favorite sport). I could have shared any photo in my possession, all of which are almost too perfect to share, as if they were designed specifically to post on social media without any photo filtering needed. Hashtag-cool-dad, or whatever. I could have.

And I bet it would have garnered dozens of likes.

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