Monday, May 18, 2015


On a Thursday (ILoveMakonnen voice)

I went to my favorite restaurant, Takami, with Aphrodite. (Her new moniker, specifically because she wasn't thrilled with the proper noun usage when previously referenced. "Like I'm freakin Aphrodite or something," were her exact words.)  We ran into another bar patron, Kemi, who is quickly becoming a good friend of mine. When we got to talking, I learned that another mutual Takami acquaintance who I've become pretty friendly with recently has a girlfriend. Now, I'm not interested in the guy--that's not the point--I'd just like to know if the person I'm talking to on an almost daily basis is wife'd up! I assumed that was common courtesy, you know, a "by the way I have a girlfriend" kind of thing, but I guess not.

I had enough to drink to feel the need to scold Wife'd Up via text, which is hysterical. I was probably too hard on the guy both because I had been drinking and because I was giving a funny text play-by-play to Kemi, but oh well. I delete my text messages as a rule which now I'm a bit bummed about, because re-reading that conversation would have been great, without a doubt.

Enough cocktails influenced not only my confrontational texting, but my decision to pop by Takami's sister bar/club before going home that night. I've been to Elevate twice now in a six-week span, and that's twice more than I've been in the last five years, anddd twice more than I plan to go in the upcoming five. I did get this gem as a commemorative souvenir though:


Did you like drunken righteous Krista last night? Lol is what I sent to Wife'd Up. He responded:

Don't think I'll be hearing from him for a while.

(I did nothing all of Friday, the highlight being the above text message.)


I went for a run, did some laundry, and then sent Apartment Friend a text to no avail. Wifey weekend? was all I said.

Hung out with these guys instead, which was A-OK with me. Neither of them needed me to hold their fur back as they threw up after a long night of drinking; however, they did get a bunch of kisses from me. (Voluntarily.)


I ran into Apartment Friend in the elevator bright and early; he was with The Girlfriend.

I had a lazy day with my girlfriend and my boyfriend.

Both of whom I make sure to talk about and not "forget to mention" whenever I meet new people.

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