Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day, 2015.

I feel fortunate to have a mother to celebrate this coming weekend, knowing that not everyone is able to. While I'm not geographically close enough to host a Mother's Day brunch (I'm across the country), I do feel lucky just having her around to send love from afar. And sending love, by the way, will come in form of a Home Depot gift card for hanging plants. (A "practical" gift, per her suggestion, which came after nixing the alternative gift certificates to either Target or some state-of-the-art-center for cosmetic surgery. The contrast kills me every time.)

The mother-daughter dynamic is a complex one, often times fraught by challenges. I've mentioned this before, but relationships are complicated! Human beings, by definition, make mistakes. And you know what? I'm really learning to find beauty in these mistakes, especially in my relationship with my mother.

I'm also learning that love changes with time--any type of love--and I'm appreciating the growth and positive developments that change is bringing to this particular relationship. I'm realizing that my mother and I can teach each other and learn from each other as a team; we can grow into something beautiful together, with team effort. Not everything will be organic, and some things will take time and constant nurturing to grow. I'm learning not to mind the latter as much now, because while it may not have initially been on the more natural or easy side, the effort put forth to make something blossom is what matters. And imagine the potential of something grown purely with love...

So here's to my mama--and to us as a team. Happy Mother's Day, this one's for you.

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