Friday, April 17, 2015

Train Ride Life.

Since I'm on a roll talking about my life B.B., W.B., and A.B., I figured I'll just continue riding that train 'til I fall off. And because things keep surfacing to make me mention any of these three said phases. I'm proud of myself for being more open, even though I do still have moments of panic where I want to delete the whole blog because of it.

I should start off with the good news: Ziggy is on the up and up! I finally got some good results this week, and man am I thrilled about it. No Addison's Disease for this boy! The bills I've accumulated from his multiple vet visits have made a little dent in my wallet; however, his insurance company has done the unexpected and has begun to reimburse me. Who'd a thunk dog insurance would be a thing? And an easier thing than human insurance? I feel like I'm constantly disputing charges from my own health insurance company, so shout out to Healthy Paws for being hassle free!

Because of the aforementioned bills, I decided to participate in a focus group about apartment rentals a couple of days ago, to pull in some quick cash money. I always look at properties downtown, and a developer must have gotten my name from one of the places I toured in the past. The focus group was held at 8PM, and I really didn't think I'd be able to stay up "that late" to attend--I'm old and usually in bed by then--but I managed and actually had a pretty decent time. I mean, getting paid to blab on and on? Yes, please.

I needed to blab about the following:

  1. Reasons for moving
  2. Initial apartment searching
  3. Coming to a decision
  4. Living with that decision

From the get-go, I needed to address my reason for my (almost) move to the whole group. So that was fun. I began with my breakup and how I felt impressionable during that strange time, hence me listening to other people advising me to move. You need a fresh start! You need your own space! You don't need to be reminded of old memories! You know, the usual spiel from those who care about your well-being, and given the position I was in, I listened. 

I wound up putting a security deposit down at a new place, and thankfully I decided to do a quick Yelp search of the building that same day. Worst. Reviews. Ever. I immediately called to withdraw my application, and shortly thereafter I got my security deposit back. I have since put the designated moving funds into new decor for my current apartment, which was mine B.B., W.B., and now A.B. Couldn't be happier about my decision either.

So is Z, who is happily still on neighborhood patrol:

Hopefully soon to follow: my apartment tour (for you, Christian!).

And here's a link to Healthy Paws, for any of you pet owners.

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