Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Haircuts and mending hearts seem to go hand-in-hand, particularly for women. That new, edgy crop on someone you're used to seeing with long locks? It's safe to say she's probably had some big life changes to inspire the new 'do. And while I feel my heart has been on the mend for some time now, my hair has remained in the same "blah" place, and I'm eager to switch it up.

The post-breakup motive is obvious: a fresh start and new identity. Revamping your hair revamps your whole image, and gives you an accompanying attitude to boot. Before exboyfriend, or "B.B.," I used to feel pretty edgy. I put great outfits together, always did my makeup--complete with a bold lip--and even managed to style my unruly hair. Part of my current problem is easy to pinpoint: lack of effort. The thing about having a more "hip" hairstyle is that it immediately does most of the work for you, giving you an effortless look. That's what I absolutely loved about having the side-shave. (That and the fact that I only had half of my head to style.)

I've been pretty much every color, not including teal or pink, or any other mermaid hues that are trendy right now. I wouldn't mind putting those shades in my hair, but I've been trying to repair the bleach damage from last year, and it's finally starting to look healthy again. Hoping to point myself in some sort of direction, I grouped together a few photos with different looks I've had in the past. Opinions are welcome!

(Not edgy or cool: the four duckfaces that you will see, below.)

I will say though, every time I see the curly hair, I want to bring it back. Added bonus: it won't cost any money.

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