Monday, April 13, 2015

"After Boyfriend."

When I was in a relationship, let's call it "W.B." for "With Boyfriend," I would often think about how happy I was to not need to go out anymore, in hopes of finding a guy. I mean, going out wasn't contingent on scoping out fresh dating prospects, nor was the sole point of going out to reel a man in; but it was nice to no longer feel like the man search was underway. I had one, and was quite content about it.

I frequently thought about how satisfied I was with my little home life. I would talk to one of my friends (who actually just got engaged) about how nice it was to be able to do the boring stay-at-home thing, rather than fill my evenings with boozing and bar-hopping and staying out 'til the wee hours of the morning--not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm more of a homebody, so when I had a partner to share my home with, and more reason to stay home, that was more up my alley. I'd say that part is something I really do miss: being Suzy Homemaker. I loved planning for two and cooking for two, even if that meant buying more food to accommodate his less picky palate. I didn't even mind any extra apartment tidying. It's been a bit of an adjustment, going back to just me again, but at least the amount of dishes in my sink has halved.

Another perk of being single in my new "After Boyfriend," or "A.B." phase, is that it frees up some of my time so I can meet new people. I've always found that kind of hard, meeting people as I get older. Particularly, meeting good girl friends. I go out all the time by myself (always have), and in my experience, not too many other women do that, thus the majority of people I meet are men. And if you're thinking, Krista, that should make it easy for you to meet another man! Wrong. Most of these guys are much, much older, some are straight dinks, and others, well, they'll be staying in the "Friend Zone." But back to the point...

I've been really friendly with a neighbor of mine for the past few months. I've started to write about it a handful of times but always stop, as I don't feel like I'm doing it/her any justice. I'm really thankful for the friendship, especially during a time of personal chaos. It's meant so much to me to have someone willingly listen at a time I need it most--which I've embarrassingly made into many a time--and I wish I could properly express my gratitude. (That extends to her boyfriend, too, who's maybe lent an ear by default, but has done so nonetheless.)

All that shmoopy stuff has lead to the following point: I went out Saturday night, with Her. And not just out, out to a CLUB, with old school hip-hop music (score!), half-naked women dancing on banquets, and a dance floor complete with neon lights and fog machines. I sent a text message to a local DTLA friend saying he should meet me there, and when I told him where "there" was, he replied "Ew." A pretty accurate response, but it was also a pretty amazing night.

I hadn't felt that carefree in a while. I danced the night away in 4" stilettos, and I laughed so hard that my abs hurt the next day. It was a boozy, hotel and bar-hopping late-ish night, but I didn't care. I needed exactly that, to be honest. That same thing I was excitedly steering away from, W.B.

^^This colorful blur sums it right up.^^

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