Friday, March 6, 2015

Ten Years of Nellie.

My girl is ten this week. TEN. I was a baby when I got her, just 19 years old. I went to the shelter to "just look," but I saw her and that was that.

Actually, I didn't take her home just then. I went home empty-handed, as I thought I was making the more "responsible" choice by not getting her--even though my heart was torn leaving her behind. So naturally, I went home and cried. And after about an hour, I called the shelter to see if she was still there (she was) so I raced back down to get her.

She was a whopping $8.00. Someone had adopted her already, along with her 2 siblings, but realized 3 puppies was a lot of work. Nellie and one of her siblings were returned, but fortunately for me, they had already paid for her shots and first check-up. All I needed to pay was a $5.00 adoption fee, and $3.00 for the cheap-o collar. She was mine from thereon out.

My heart could burst just thinking of my sweet girl (even when she does human-like things to get my attention, like opening drawers and cabinets and pulling out whatever contents she feels like). I tear up thinking of her age, and when I see her new patches of gray fur sprouting up. She's brought so much joy to my life, an amount I can't possibly express in words, so photos will have to make do.

Our first family photo, taken with my Motorola flip-phone.
 My favorite: Nellie seeing herself in the camera phone. #NellieSelfie
My 27th birthday, in Malibu.
If only she could read this and see our years together, outlined in photo form. I mean, she watches TV, and as previously mentioned, she can open doors/drawers/cabinets/whatever she pleases, so the thought wouldn't be that far-fetched.

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