Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Newborn: Griffin

I became a professional photographer in late 2009, photographing newborn babies at the local county hospital. I'm not going to lie, working at that particular hospital was challenging, but I became equipped with a set of tools I otherwise wouldn't have acquired. It truly made me learn and grow as a photographer, and I learned a great deal a bit about patience along the way. 

There's something different about photographing pure, innocent, little beings. I love knowing that I'm capturing some of the very first moments of life: eyes struggling to open, lungs assuming their purpose (some all too well), tiny toes curling when exposed to the crisp air. Naive to the world, is what it is, and that shows in each photograph. (To me at least.)

Anyway. My friend Rachel and her husband let me take their daughter's newborn photos a few years back (I need to dig through my archives to find them), and next came their little boy. This family produces some reeeaaal good looking children. 

Here's a few of little Griffin, at his new home:


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