Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mi Viaje A Panamá (III).


My friend, Joanna, had to work for the first two days I was in Panama--which is why I haven't posted any photos with her yet. She managed to scoop me up when I finished my bus tour though, and we went to dinner with her boyfriend, followed by a leisurely walk along Amador Causeway. Dinner, by the way, included some sort of loaded fries (with bacon!), so I was prettttty confident the remainder of the trip would go well.

Oh hayyy, Joanna!
 A personal favorite: Joanna's family rescued this little girl the week before I came to visit. Can you believe she had been wandering the streets? I mean, that face. I can't. (I even asked if she could sleep with me--and she did.)

The next morning...
I had a homemade breakfast, courtesy of Joanna's mama, and spent the rest of the day with her family (daughter included). We checked out their new home, hit their new pool, and then spent a solid three hours in standstill traffic on the way home. No joke.

Homemade breakfast tortillas!
^^Traffic from Carnival. It doesn't really look like much here; however, this wasn't a photo of cars in motion. We were parked. On the highway. (It made LA traffic look like nothin'.)^^
And a gorgeous city night, post-traffic, from Joanna's terrace.
Not pictured: POST-TRAFFIC RUM.

And the morning after that...
We began our road trip to El Valle, a quiet town high up in the mountains. Four adults, one child, and four dogs. In Carnival traffic. It sounds like a total nightmare; but to be honest, it really wasn't. Sure, the drive was longer than usual because of Carnival, and there wasn't much legroom, but we made a few stops along the way and survived just fine.

And oh, I bought like, six of these chocolate empanadas from a convenient-type store. And I ate every one of them in one sitting. (Not even sorry.)

And finally...

Now, to say this home is beautiful would be a complete and total understatement. The architecture, designed with help from Joanna's aunt, was brilliant. I'd never seen anything like it before. And the artwork and other collectibles? Gah. Backyard jacuzzi, fountain, and Koi pond? Forget it.

Hammocks are everywhere in Panama, by the way. I wound up buying one for my mom as a surprise, knowing she'd never think that would be her souvenir. And then I promptly called her to tell her and ruin the surprise. (I suck at surprises.)
(Biggest watermelons I've ever seen.)

I can't even say it enough, should I try to start a "thank you" blurb here. But I love you and your family, Joanna, and appreciate every last moment shared together on this trip. I can't wait to come back! (Again and again and again...)

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