Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meaning of name Krista.

Just completely switched gears to note how eerily accurate THIS PERSONALITY TEST is.

Holy shit.

So, this is "meaning of name Krista" (in a complete nutshell) and the character traits that go with it:

Who is she?

Krista   is a seductive and glamorous woman (duhwho is understanding, communicative, pleasant and friendly in her interactions with others (I try). Nonetheless shy and unassuming, she is torn between her concern for others´ needs (she is always prepared to lend a sympathetic ear) (I am!), and her desire to be recognised for her true worth and be the best...(I do!) Cheerful and enthusiastic, she is generally also rather impatient (truth), nervous and whimsical, and could even be known to lose her cool completely (miiiight be true). She is bright, adaptable and savvy, with a sharp and critical mind (why, thank you!). Her memory is excellent (this comes in handy), and Krista doesn´t have any problems on an intellectual level (*inserts punch emoji*). She has great talent for foreign languages (really accurate, as I recently hired a Spanish tutor) and self-expression and knows exactly how to use her charm and her powers of persuasion to achieve the results she desires (liiiike skipping lines and entry fees last night at the St. Patrick's day fete, with the new neighbor friends?). She is highly inquisitive and particularly relishes change, which could make her a little scattered at times (hm, maybe an inaccuracy. I always feel organized). As a child, she is very emotional and heavily influenced by her family (check!). She has a wild imagination and this could be responsible for all sorts of fear and worry (check!). She can often be introverted and withdrawn in the earliest years of her life, especially if she doesn´t receive enough affection and reassurance (who doesn't like affection?). She is a popular young lady and loves to talk for hours on the phone with her friends...(hysterical, and again super accurate).

What does she like?

Krista   has a few big dreams she would like to make reality (kind of general, but true): to be admired, be the best and to be in charge (I am a bit "type A")... which could be expressed through a professional ambition for which she is capable of tremendous focus and determination. However, she will make do with simply being the centre of attention during an evening with friends, where she will prove herself to be a remarkable hostess (LOL, entirely true): subtle, intelligent and mischievous. Romantic life and motherhood are important to Krista (yep) but not essential, and she could find herself torn between her family and her career (questionable).

What does she do?

The professions that predominantly match her profile are those that require strong interpersonal and communication skills (agreed): commerce, sales, public relations, press officer, advertising, involving the spoken word and the voice, a teacher or lawyer (which everyone thought I'd be)...or writing (secretary, writer...), requiring manual dexterity (craft), or in conjunction with the concept of advice (for the most part, I'm doing all of the above).

The site says "choosing a name is choosing a fate," so thanks, mom & dad, for unknowingly doing 
so--but for giving me a pretty decent chance with my trusty 'ol name.

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