Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ghosts, Goblins & Blog Nostalgia.

It's a strange, almost stomach-churning feeling for me to revisit my thoughts from the last few years, most of which were posted to this big ol' World Wide Web in one way or another. Some feel so dated that using the term "World Wide Web" seems only fitting. Others, the ironically invited ghosts, virtually lurking and haunting this space--whether I delete them or not.

A handful of posts make me feel like I'm right back in my 2012(ish) shoes, which is both good and bad:

Le Good is that they were probably nicer shoes than I own now, since with age comes responsibility and budgeting. It's not often that I let myself splurge on a big ticket item now, whereas before, welllll that's another story.

Le Bad, I guess, would be feeling that I'm cycling back to years past, when I thought I'd be taking leaps and bounds forward. And that's not to say I'm stepping backward, like it's a bad thing. I'm just back to thinking about some of the same things I was thinking about at that time, i.e. as a single gal, three years ago...

The romanticism vs. realism debate continues: "My heart believes in fairy-tales; but my brain knows better." Um, TRUTH. 

Deliberating about love breaks (and still thinking I'll be mindful about seeing who is around the corner).

Still feeling the same about sharing passwords (don't fucking do it).

Still loving my friends from afar--and appreciating them now more than ever. 

Back--but not sure I ever left--to being my own bestie. So, so important. (Post-breakup or not.)

Back to realizing the importance of girls' nights and weekends.

Back to treating myself on the regular.

And feeling again like I want to dress like this.

And knowing there is only one more year of feeling like this.

And remembering the importance of these 3 life must-haves.

And doing a lot of closet un-f*cking.

Annnnd feeling the travel high. (Ain't nothin' better.)

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