Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wedding: Khamile & Shakir

Weddings are much more intimidating to photograph than I thought.  I mean, other than the fact that I didn't want to screw up the most important day of two people's lives, I never realized the physical intensity that goes into shooting a wedding. Countless hours of squatting and bobbing and weaving, exhausting all the energy you possibly have to get people to "smile!" leaves you feeling like you went to Barry's Bootcamp. For like a week.

I felt honored to be able to capture such a sacred time for a couple, though. To be trusted with that job was a big deal to me. That may sound lame, but it's the truth. It was a total learning experience--a beautiful one, at that--and I'd hope to have the opportunity to do it again in the future.

Congrats, to Khamile and  Shakir!

Note: I'm not sure why some photos are publishing with a grainy look? 

Friday, March 20, 2015

13 tips on how NOT to ask for a girl's number.

I'm just going to dive right into this one...

Sometimes, I think we (the ladies) need to break it down a bit for the (seemingly clueless) guys out there. So fret not y'all, here I am to be of assistance. Without further adieu, here are some solid tips on how not to ask for her number:

  1. If you don't feel there's a mutual attraction, don't ask. (Or at least shelf the idea until you feel out any future potential.)
  2. Eye contact does not mean she's interested, fellas. Homegirl is just trying to be polite when speaking to you.
  3. This is also applicable for smiling. (See above reasoning.)
  4. If she doesn't seem into you, believe her! I understand guys aren't mind readers, but you would absolutely know if she's even somewhat interested. Most girls aren't eager to stay single--trust me, she'll let you know when interested.
  5. Don't (figuratively) back her against a wall when asking for her number. (And I think this goes without saying, but don't literally do that either.) Sure, you'll get her number when you corner her as she's walking her dogs, but only because you left her with two choices: coughing up the number, or running away with her two dogs in tow (I might be pulling from personal experience).
  6. Now, if you essentially trap the girl who is not interested into giving up her number, don't call her and ask her to hang out an hour later. Particularly, after she had just told you she was staying in that night and all other nights.
  7. And if you are her neighbor doing both 5&6--after ignoring tip 4--good lawd be certain she is attracted to you before you approach her. If not, you'll likely run into each other even more now (despite her new efforts to completely avoid you), and you'll feel pretty uncomfortable when you see her strolling out of the apartment building early one morning with a guy. 
  8. The same principle applies if you work with her. Except, of course, you won't run into her before or after work--you just wont be able to run away from her during the day, while you're at work.
  9. Don't ask for "digits." 
  10. Don't say things like "God gave you everything--except my phone number!" 
  11. Don't fork over your business card--unless she actually is into you, and despite it being 2015, your cell phone isn't on your person. It can either make you look like a straight up dink, or prove a good and necessary resource. (It will also assure her that you have a job. Bonus points for having your shit together.)
  12. Don't call or text her immediately after she gives you her number to confirm if the number she gave you is legit. 
  13. If you give her your number instead, don't put her on the spot and ask that she test-call or text you, so you can save her number in your phone (we hate that).  
Okay, so there you have it, in the form of 13 thought-out instructables. In the meantime, I'll be actively working on dodging my neighbor.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meaning of name Krista.

Just completely switched gears to note how eerily accurate THIS PERSONALITY TEST is.

Holy shit.

So, this is "meaning of name Krista" (in a complete nutshell) and the character traits that go with it:

Who is she?

Krista   is a seductive and glamorous woman (duhwho is understanding, communicative, pleasant and friendly in her interactions with others (I try). Nonetheless shy and unassuming, she is torn between her concern for others´ needs (she is always prepared to lend a sympathetic ear) (I am!), and her desire to be recognised for her true worth and be the best...(I do!) Cheerful and enthusiastic, she is generally also rather impatient (truth), nervous and whimsical, and could even be known to lose her cool completely (miiiight be true). She is bright, adaptable and savvy, with a sharp and critical mind (why, thank you!). Her memory is excellent (this comes in handy), and Krista doesn´t have any problems on an intellectual level (*inserts punch emoji*). She has great talent for foreign languages (really accurate, as I recently hired a Spanish tutor) and self-expression and knows exactly how to use her charm and her powers of persuasion to achieve the results she desires (liiiike skipping lines and entry fees last night at the St. Patrick's day fete, with the new neighbor friends?). She is highly inquisitive and particularly relishes change, which could make her a little scattered at times (hm, maybe an inaccuracy. I always feel organized). As a child, she is very emotional and heavily influenced by her family (check!). She has a wild imagination and this could be responsible for all sorts of fear and worry (check!). She can often be introverted and withdrawn in the earliest years of her life, especially if she doesn´t receive enough affection and reassurance (who doesn't like affection?). She is a popular young lady and loves to talk for hours on the phone with her friends...(hysterical, and again super accurate).

What does she like?

Krista   has a few big dreams she would like to make reality (kind of general, but true): to be admired, be the best and to be in charge (I am a bit "type A")... which could be expressed through a professional ambition for which she is capable of tremendous focus and determination. However, she will make do with simply being the centre of attention during an evening with friends, where she will prove herself to be a remarkable hostess (LOL, entirely true): subtle, intelligent and mischievous. Romantic life and motherhood are important to Krista (yep) but not essential, and she could find herself torn between her family and her career (questionable).

What does she do?

The professions that predominantly match her profile are those that require strong interpersonal and communication skills (agreed): commerce, sales, public relations, press officer, advertising, involving the spoken word and the voice, a teacher or lawyer (which everyone thought I'd be)...or writing (secretary, writer...), requiring manual dexterity (craft), or in conjunction with the concept of advice (for the most part, I'm doing all of the above).

The site says "choosing a name is choosing a fate," so thanks, mom & dad, for unknowingly doing 
so--but for giving me a pretty decent chance with my trusty 'ol name.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Newborn: Brooklyn

THIS little doll belongs to my one friend, Lynden. Baby number four, to be exact. (FOUR!)
After three consecutive boys, this little girl came along, stealing everyone's heart in the process.
She has big blue eyes, Angelina Jolie lips (so jealous), and the sweetest red hair; it's safe to say Brooklyn is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. And after taking newborn photos for over two years at a postpartum/maternity unit, it's safe to say I've seen my share of babies.

and just for fun..
Her brothers! How cute are these guys? And how grown-up compared to here?
(It wasn't too hard to win them over: just ask them to throw leaves at you.)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mi Viaje A Panamá (III).


My friend, Joanna, had to work for the first two days I was in Panama--which is why I haven't posted any photos with her yet. She managed to scoop me up when I finished my bus tour though, and we went to dinner with her boyfriend, followed by a leisurely walk along Amador Causeway. Dinner, by the way, included some sort of loaded fries (with bacon!), so I was prettttty confident the remainder of the trip would go well.

Oh hayyy, Joanna!
 A personal favorite: Joanna's family rescued this little girl the week before I came to visit. Can you believe she had been wandering the streets? I mean, that face. I can't. (I even asked if she could sleep with me--and she did.)

The next morning...
I had a homemade breakfast, courtesy of Joanna's mama, and spent the rest of the day with her family (daughter included). We checked out their new home, hit their new pool, and then spent a solid three hours in standstill traffic on the way home. No joke.

Homemade breakfast tortillas!
^^Traffic from Carnival. It doesn't really look like much here; however, this wasn't a photo of cars in motion. We were parked. On the highway. (It made LA traffic look like nothin'.)^^
And a gorgeous city night, post-traffic, from Joanna's terrace.
Not pictured: POST-TRAFFIC RUM.

And the morning after that...
We began our road trip to El Valle, a quiet town high up in the mountains. Four adults, one child, and four dogs. In Carnival traffic. It sounds like a total nightmare; but to be honest, it really wasn't. Sure, the drive was longer than usual because of Carnival, and there wasn't much legroom, but we made a few stops along the way and survived just fine.

And oh, I bought like, six of these chocolate empanadas from a convenient-type store. And I ate every one of them in one sitting. (Not even sorry.)

And finally...

Now, to say this home is beautiful would be a complete and total understatement. The architecture, designed with help from Joanna's aunt, was brilliant. I'd never seen anything like it before. And the artwork and other collectibles? Gah. Backyard jacuzzi, fountain, and Koi pond? Forget it.

Hammocks are everywhere in Panama, by the way. I wound up buying one for my mom as a surprise, knowing she'd never think that would be her souvenir. And then I promptly called her to tell her and ruin the surprise. (I suck at surprises.)
(Biggest watermelons I've ever seen.)

I can't even say it enough, should I try to start a "thank you" blurb here. But I love you and your family, Joanna, and appreciate every last moment shared together on this trip. I can't wait to come back! (Again and again and again...)