Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Houston, Texas.

It's the beginning of what will be a whirlwind week, traveling to both Texas and Massachusetts. I'm spending a few days in Houston for a work convention, and while it's always fun to explore a new place, my daily work schedule doesn't really allow for much sight-seeing. I was able to take a little walk through downtown--and I really mean a little walk--but I'll take what I can get while I'm here. (Including the best gumbo ever last night for dinner.) I'm hoping I can wake up early tomorrow and get a few more sights in...but I'm also hoping I feel like waking up early to do so. There's a good coffee place in my hotel, and so many exhibiting booths at the conference I'm attending are serving coffee, so I'm sure I can combat the exhaustion should I wake up tired. Or at least mask the exhaustion for a while...

^^Lots of stars for the Lone Star State.^^
^^Ending my day with fries and tortilla soup.^^
(Told you it wasn't much of a walk.)

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