Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Houston, Texas II.

Well, I didn't manage to wake up as early as I mentioned in this post (I actually snoozed for an hour and 15 minutes- which I never do!); however, I did walk to and from the work convention instead of taking a shuttle. It was 10ish blocks from my hotel, which allowed for just a little peak of downtown Houston. I popped quickly into one building that had an art installation, and then took a stroll around Discovery Green Park on the walk back. The best part was probably the end of the night, where I went to a restaurant called Sambuca that had live music, and I tried escargot for the first time! I'm actually surprised I did. I got a lot of "ewwwwwws!" when I mentioned that to friends--but it was smothered in cheese and some kind of fluff, and to be honest it tasted like bacon. Can you ever go wrong with anything that tastes like bacon? 

And that concludes my little work jaunt to Houston. 

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