Thursday, January 16, 2014

Simple budget solution 1: Make coffee from home.

I have been working on being more financially responsible for a while now, but for some reason there is always something that gets in the way; new shoes, clothes, dining out, and traveling always seem to take precedent over building my savings account. (Not smart.) My friend Cara suggested I use for streamlining my budget, and to say I am obsessed just puts it mildly. I was a bit skeptical at first, since I hadn't heard about it before and I wasn't sure about importing all of my personal information--but seriously, it whipped me into shape. And more importantly, it motivated me. I was pretty much shamed, to be honest, when all of my spending was presented and neatly categorized into pie charts. I mean, hello ridiculous shopping habits! That was fun while it lasted.

This brings me to simple budget solutions I will be implementing moving forward, which I will try and log here. Up first is coffee. Why spend over $100.00 on buying coffee (well, iced caramel lattes or macchiatos), when there is a way to make it from home? After a bit of research, I found a $40.00 solution to my over $100.00 per month, $1200.00 plus per year problem: a plain 'ol Mr. Coffee home drip coffee maker. Sure, I'll need to buy ground coffee, but spending $10.00-$20.00 per month (maybe more, with the bf drinking some too...I'll have a better grasp next month after testing this out) sounds much better than spending $100.00. And hey, I bet I'll learn to make a pretty good iced coffee!

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