Monday, January 6, 2014

Get a divorce.

From your phone.

I loved this article for so many different reasons. I'm a send-a-letter-via-snail-mail kinda gal. I like to pick up the phone versus send a text--but I send probably a hundred texts a day, too. I remember when caller ID was the it thing (fourth grade!). Soon after, dial-up AOL was brag-worthy. Then came pagers (I was never allowed to own one), and then two-ways, and then cell phones. Then flip phone cell phones. With color backgrounds. (I was pretty pumped when I got the Motorola colored flip phone, by the way.) And now, in 2014, we have smart phones which are essentially computers. Thinking back to all of that makes me feel old. But anyway.

There are so many great things about technology, and the many advances in technology that will surely come. I live 3,000 miles away from my home state, and it's great to be able to communicate so easily with friends and family back there. Seeing photos of my godchildren and siblings grow helps when being so far. And I mean, my goddaughter was FaceTiming me from her iPad at 6 years old! On her own!

But all of that aside, let's be honest: cell phones are distracting. After I read this article, I grabbed a quick lunch, and noticed everyone who was waiting for their order was on their phone. Myself included, ugh. I wondered if anyone would strike a conversation with me, had we not had our phones. (Or vice versa.) And it's so easy to have a girl's night out, or a date night, where you whip out your phone to take a photo, which promptly gets posted to Instagram or Facebook. Heck, I will even be sitting on the couch watching TV, with my phone in my hand, reading celebrity gossip or whatever. While my boyfriend is next to me.

While writing this, I am becoming even more aware of how disconnected I can be, at times and places were I totally should not be. My friends and boyfriend deserve my full attention when I am with them. I need to be entirely present to my situations when I am in them. And my phone is not allowing me to do so. So that said, I will be divorcing my phone, in order to "bring my phone back to being an accessory, and not a priority."

I'm sure it'll be a good riddance.

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