Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Still thankful, but late Thanksgiving.

I think I'm still a bit bummed about losing photos from a day in Spain, which has caused me to somehow diss my blog a bit. I was really looking forward to consecutively posting my pictures from Europe, but now that I can't, it's caused a bit of a boycott, I guess. I'm also pretty type A and don't love when things don't go as planned...but anyway. That's just a preface to the belated Thanksgiving post, below.

My immediate family was all here for the holiday, which doesn't happen very often. It makes it more special though, in the sense of a quality vs. quantity type thing. My grandparents were here by the time I had gotten back from Europe, and my mother and siblings flew to LA on Thanksgiving day. We celebrated together with extended family in Bel-Air, and this was also the first time my mother, brother and sister would meet the bf. So, there were definitely a lot of things packed into our LA holiday.

Surprisingly, I didn't get as many photos as I thought I would, but that's because I was trying to enjoy the time spent with my family versus capturing every second of it (which I had done for two weeks straight in Europe). I do love the ones I got though!

 ^^My mother and a not-so-little Maggie.
 ^^& Bro. I'm not looking, but I feel like this was the best representation of my hair that day. HA.
 ^^How cute are these little quesadilla appetizers? I ate about 15 of them.
 ^^And maybe 16 of these filet and potato ones.
 ^^The entirety of the family--well, of cousins--from my mother's side.

^^My favorite boys.
I try to think about what I am thankful for on a regular basis, so I keep all of the good things in the forefront of my mind. But I do have to say that I'm pretty thankful for everyone in these photos, and very thankful for having them all together to photograph, because that's not something I'm able to do very often. (And I do have to say, this year, I'm especially thankful for this guy ^^^)

^And the parents and grandparents, of course, as I wouldn't be here without 'em.

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