Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lisboa, Portugal, & a quick year wrap-up.

Here a few photos from Barcelona (well, Port Olimpic and one in Barcelona), and the beginning of the trip to Lisbon, which was our second European destination. I had hoped to get all of the photos up prior to the New Year, but I've been redecorating my apartment and trying to focus on what I want from this year to come--which really means I've just been neglecting the blog. It's been a crazy year, a crazy good year, and it's flown by. It was just under a year ago that I was getting ready to travel with one of my best girl friends, as carefree as they come. It's really crazy how things change change in just 12 little months... This past year, my best friend got married, another got engaged, and I got this guy.  I became a godmother. I dabbled in fashion photography. And engagement photography. I met new friends. My sister got accepted into college and my brother started high-school. I celebrated my mother's birthday back East, and my family came to LA. I added 3 new countries to places I've been. I traveled within California (including a girl's weekend in Palm Springs). The blog celebrated its first birthday. I learned to bake. I got a crockpot (!!).  2013 brought so may good things with it, that I'm curious to see what 2014 can do to compete. Here's to the New Year!

^^This is one of my favorites.

^^Fried eggs and french fries....yes.
^^Lisbon, Portugal.
^^A street fair on the day of our arrival.

^^The start of a new Christmas tradition: ornaments from different countries. (I took this one home!)

^^Buying chestnuts (for one Euro).

^^Missing tiles, which were probably sold soon after. I actually bought 2 authentic tiles (legally!) which I plan to frame. They were probably my favorite souvenirs.

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