Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays!

My mom sends out yearly holiday cards that are pretty hard to beat. The best part of our card is always our signature: "the MCBARREIDS," which is a compilation of all of our last names, a la "Brangelina," or "Bennifer." Everyone gets a kick out of it.

This year's card was taken at my favorite LA restaurant, Takami, which is on the 21st floor of a building just a few blocks from me (note the cityscape in the background). It can be tricky getting a good photo of multiple people, particularly if not all parties involved are in the best of moods. But hey, you can force a smile out of some ;)

Here is our family card from last year, which was one of my all-time  favorites:


And here was my personal card for 2012, from the "Barry" family (aka me and the dogs):
^^Nellie's smile in that first photo will never, ever get old.

If I do a personal card this year, it will be even more last minute than 2 days prior to Christmas-but I will surely post it if I figure something out. Happy (and safe) holidays to everyone!

*Note, the family holiday cards are done online through Tiny Prints*

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