Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas gift guide: Your guy "friend," boyfriend, husband, etc.

This year, I found myself stuck trying to figure out a good gift for the bf, which is weird, considering how I love to shop for other people. I think having a certain date/deadline to get a gift adds some pressure. And knowing people are going to be asking "what did you get him for Christmas!" makes it a little like.."oh man, I need to have a good answer!"

Just in case he reads this, I won't say what I got for the main gift, but I figured there are other people out there that may be a bit stumped as to what to get their guy, so below are a couple good links to check out (IMHO). I like a bunch of these as stocking stuffers, too. (I tried to put reasonably priced things below, but the prices do vary on these sites.)

If I see anything else, I'll be sure to update. Happy shopping!

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