Monday, November 18, 2013

I left my heart in Spain...

After a little blog and life hiatus, I'm sitting here at my desk again, settling back into reality after hardly any sleep last night. But being tired is the furthest thing from my mind....

I had a wonderful trip to Europe--so wonderful, that I am ready to pack up my things (and my dogs!) and move to Spain. Sometimes you just fall in love with a place, and you can't explain why as much as you feel it, but Barcelona was that place for me. There was a whole new culture to embrace and experience, and I loved that I felt like I was learning so much while there. I enjoyed the people, their affection towards each other, and their willingness to help me if I needed. And I don't even know where to start with the food...fried eggs and french fries?! I almost fell off my seat when I first saw that on a menu. (And it's a traditional dish!) I also liked that the portions were not super-sized, so you could truly enjoy and savor the food, as you are supposed to. I loved drinking cava with my meals, and finally, I loved my company :)

I had a birthday while I was gone too! I lost most of the day due to traveling and time changes, but it was pretty cool to spend the last few hours of my birthday in Spain. It wasn't a bad way to kick off my 28th year, either. I obviously have a tremendous amount of photos to go through, but here are some (below) of my very first night--and birthday--in Barcelona!

^^Our first hotel! I was so excited to arrive, and immediately loved everything about Barcelona. Isn't the architecture amazing?

^^We landed kind of late, so we headed out around 11PM or so for dinner. We came across a place called "Qu Qu" (pronounced "coo coo"), and no joke, they were playing 90's hits! It was clear that we found the right spot to eat.

^^Traditional Spanish tapas!

^^Cheers, with birthday cava!
^^Chicken fingers, natch.
^^Fries, natch.
^^I will totally be making this artichoke cannelloni at home.
^^And of course, I had birthday cake! (Note: the portion size of the dessert. It's kind of nice to not feel like you have to waddle out of a restaurant.)

^^I was hoping a quick change to b/w would edit the bags from underneath my eyes ;)

And that was about it for my first couple of hours in Spain! It was a great first night, which set the tone for the rest of the trip. I should apologize in advance for the amount of photos to come...but I'm kind of loving it already.

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