Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Barcelona, día dos!

You don't realize how much traveling exhausts you, until you wake up at 3PM on your first full day in a new country. I was a bit disappointed to think I missed out on a morning/mid-afternoon in Spain, but I knew I needed my rest in order to enjoy the entirety of the trip. (Sightseeing is wonderful, but it can so wear you out.)

It was a pretty chill day, or half a day, where Joe and I just walked around the area where we were staying. We went to La Rambla to check out the shopping and entertainment, which is a pretty common tourist thing to do, and we also walked up and down Passeig de Gracia, another avenue famous for shopping and architecture. Here are some photos, below!

^^This handsome guy and photography gear, ready to go!  (People always joke about paparazzi taking my photos, because I'm in a good amount of my own pictures. It's the tripod! I really recommend one for traveling, so you can be in control of the photo and not need to nag a stranger to take your picture. Just pay attention to your surroundings!)

^^What I am currently craving.

^^He's just so cute. (I had to.)

^^Per my friend Ingrid's instructions, I printed and framed this photo. 

^^I love this shot. I wish this was still my evening view...

^^We lucked out with a beautiful sunset. I have about a hundred photos of it.

^^We managed to find "burritos," which were called "fajitas." They were about 1/3 of the size of the burrito I get from my favorite Mexican restaurant in LA. (Which I usually finish.) And, those are most definitely fries in the background.

^^& The incredible workings of Gaudi, seen on our walk back to our hotel, at night.

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