Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Un f*ck your closet."

If you live in a smaller space like I do (holler for city living), or if you're a clothing hoarder, or if you're plain unorganized (hey, Mom!), this chart may be of help. I probably re-do my closet once a month, because I have a shopping problem, and because I have a boyfriend problem--more and more of his things have been infiltrating my already small closet space. It's not so bad, because I feel as though my style is slowly but surely evolving and reflecting who I am, and I'm ridding my closet of things that don't really fit me (from a style perspective). And for "his" things in my closet...well,  that's just a part of give and take in a relationship. (I'm giving the closet space.)

Happy closet un f*cking.

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