Thursday, October 3, 2013

To JR, with love.

Old photos like these are bittersweet. This was taken in Cara's basement (you know her from here and here), when I was probably in 8th grade or so, which makes it around 1999/2000? It's insane how time just flies. All I see are babies when I look at this picture.

Brian, "B," JR, baby-face, chubby cheeks--these were all names/nicknames of my friend and first real crush. I often called him Brian Scott, and thought I was cool calling him by his first and middle name. (Or by his whole name, Brian Scott Belanger Junior.) We went to different schools, and Brian would get out of his school earlier than I did. He'd ride his bike over to my house to wait for me, and I'd be mortified because he'd see my in my Catholic school uniform. I'd draw our names with hearts in my diary, and we'd spend all hours of the night on the phone together--a land line, since there were no cell phones. And he had a pager which I thought was the coolest thing; I'd repeatedly page "143." Those were the good 'ol days.

Today, 8 years ago, Brian passed in an accident which is still hard to speak about. It's so weird thinking about all the time that has since passed. You know when people say "time heals all," and things along those lines? Well, I'd disagree. Time passing doesn't make it any easier per se, you just kind of learn to live with it for another day, week, month, year...

On a more upbeat note, I'm so glad that I have photos from these special times years ago. Brian, I'm thinking of you and your family extra today. Love you all.

^^I have the original photo as a print, so I stole this scanned copy from my friend Mike's Facebook (hence the print on the photo). I love it anyway. (From left to right, there's Cara, Mike- my goddaughter's father, me, Kenny, Kelly, and Brian playing the video game, natch.)

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  1. This made me smile & cry. I miss him so much <3