Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's my dog's birthday, and I'm that guy.

Happy fourth birthday to my boy, Ziggy! (He is much happier than he appears above, I swear.) I thought it'd be funny to see his crazy little self with a party hat on, so I threw a bit of a birthday fete for him--and so I could take pictures. (I guess it was kind of for me then.) Despite the challenges that sometimes come with an anti-social, paranoid dog, I just love him so much.

^^Nellie's eyebrow^^
^^In true birthday fashion, I bought Z some cupcakes (from Pussy & Pooch, which has the best pet supplies).
^^Don't these look good enough to eat? Dog food and accessories have gotten out of control.
^^Someone wanted all of the attention, and is pouting in the background!
^^But he had plenty of attention. Z was even more spoiled by this guy, who bought dog bones for the occasion. (And wine for me!)  

 (Borderline ridiculous, sure. But you have to admit... it's pretty funny. Love you, Z!)

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