Thursday, October 10, 2013

I saw Jesus at Bottega Louie.

Bottega Louie is a beautiful restaurant only a block away from me, and no matter what time of day or night you go, it is guaranteed to be busy. And not just plain busy; the most busy you'll ever see a restaurant get. Ever. And they don't take reservations. (Unless you live in a fancy complex downtown that they give priority dining too.) That said, I still highly recommend it! Here's a tip for those who wish to avoid a long wait for a table in the dining area: there is no wait list for the seating in the marketplace area by all of the pastry. Once you see someone ready to leave, just snag their table! I always feel bad doing this when I see a ton of people waiting for the dining area, presuming they don't know to just sit in the marketplace. But it really does beat that crazy line for a table.

I met my friend Christian for lunch, who I haven't seen in about 6 months or so (we last met for a Sunday brunch at Alcove Cafe); it is insane how time flies. Catching up is always fun though, and we are shooting to meet again within the next 3 months. (We figure to shoot for half the time it took us getting together this past time.) Bottega was no less busy than usual, nor was it less eventful. There was a person sitting in the marketplace who I'd assume to be a Dr. Seuss character (Christian initially thought it was not a person, but rather a pinata), AND, Jesus was there:

There is a hysterical Tumblr account called "I saw Jesus in LA" that logs any sightings of Jesus in Los Angeles (real name Kevin Lee Light, according to the Tumblr). It's funny though, I've never seen him downtown--only in Hollywood or more West. And it was even more funny to watch everyone watching him. I actually thought he was quite nice, posing for photos with anyone who asked. (I should have asked.)

After that, it was apparent that we needed to order some food and drinks. So, we did just that!

^^I notice that whenever I'm not with the bf, I  wind up ordering a burger. He doesn't eat meat, and he doesn't care if I do, but I save my bacon cheeseburgers for the times I'm eating without him ;)
 ^^Bottega has beautiful little pastries and colorful macaroons. I'm not a huge fan of sweets (I'd rather french fries), but I did decide to snag this Dulce de Leche tartlet, to the far left!
^^And it was a good decision.
(^^Just because I liked my outfit.)


  1. Christian is so immaculate with his style of course. Jesus was legit. Oh hey, legs. That's all!