Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Sex + Grand!

(Technically, it was yesterday.)

(And, pardon my crooked candle. But don't pardon my cute apple pie!)

Yesterday, 10/10/13, was my blog's first birthday! I don't have children, so I decided to celebrate the past year of my baby blog. Time really does fly. I started this blog, well, a year ago, and it really is funny to see the "then to now." It's also kind of cool to see how I've chronicled the last year: I've traveled the world, met new people, fallen in love, watched (and photographed) friends get engaged, get married and have children, gained a beautiful godson, learned how much I love cooking (and my crackpot Crockpot), and how much I enjoy DIY projects. And oh, the final given, how much I really do cherish my friends and family.

I think the best part is that I can relive all of these things by scrolling through my blog. Sure, there are many things I see "wrong" with it, ie, grammatical issues and photography flaws, but overall, I'm quite proud of my baby. I have used this space to vent, be creative, hone writing and photography skills, learn what truly interests me, and to share my life in pieces, really. The commitment of writing has taught me a lot, too. It's easy to just kind of push things aside and be lazy; this takes work! Reading comments and hearing that people are enjoying what I'm writing makes it all worth it. I really do appreciate all of the love.

So, a big thank you to all of you, and a big happy birthday to my baby blog. xo.

(PS, my adorable apple pie idea, here.)

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