Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Farmers' Market Wednesday's.

I've mentioned (once or twice) how much I love downtown LA. Sure, the buses and traffic can make it a bit noisy during the day, and the streets can get a bit loud at night. There aren't the most pleasant smells in certain areas nor is it always super clean--but I love it anyway. It's that unexplainable love affair, and no one really needs to get it but me. (It's between me and my city.)

Since moving here almost 4 years ago, there are so many noticeable changes downtown. There are Farmers' Markets--plural--and even flea markets here now! It's great for me, yet not always great for my wallet. But, you need a balance with everything, right? I'll figure it out.

Every Wednesday, I go to the Farmers' Market in Pershing Square. So many people are surprised that they hold one there, because at night it gets a bit...different, to say the least. (It might have the nickname of "rat row.")  I'd recommend it nonetheless. The produce is great, the lunch options are fantastic, and you can even buy little potted plants (I have red peppers and basil), jewelry and clothes. Plus, it breaks up my work day, which makes it even nicer. Fresh air always helps.

^^I buy kale even more now that I bought a NutriBullet. I'm trying to replace (some) of my coffee-drinking with a green juice of sorts, and I always throw a handful of kale in the NutriBullet with my fruit and nuts.
^^Fall and pomegranates go hand-in-hand for me. They remind me of my father's house back East.

PS, More Farmers' Markets in the downtown area:

Pershing Square Farmers' Market

7th And Fig Farmers' Market 

Grand Central Market

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