Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Catch the flu, become a baker.

It's kind of ironic, because just last week I was talking to my grandmother about getting the flu shot. Well, about not getting the flu shot. And wouldn't you know...I got the flu. (Or something flu-like.)

I hate being sick. I mean, I'm sure we all do, but I realllly hate being sick. Particularly, not being able to breathe. It makes me even more grumpy, and it annoys me to the point where I can't even get any rest if I wanted to. (How are you supposed to sleep when you can't breathe!?) So, I usually clean profusely--which is typical when I'm not feeling well, because I feel like my apartment is full of germs--watch about as much bad TV as I can stand, and I cook. Well, this time, I baked. And if you know me, you've probably heard me complain about not being able to bake, because in the past, my attempts haven't gone so well. Cooking is a totally different story. But now, I am a baker.

The bf's favorite dessert is cheesecake, so I thought it'd be fun to surprise him with one, because he wouldn't expect it at all. I Googled a bunch of recipes, found this one, and called my mom to see if it sounded right. Once I obtained her approval, I decided to give it a go! And, I did much better than expected.

For fun, here's the online photo (top), and mine (below), without the raspberry swirl. The lighting throws the color a bit, but I'd like to think I came pretty close to the recipe's photo. And on my first try! Next time I'll do more of a crust, too, since it's my favorite part. Actually, it's the only part I like.

Funny thing is... I don't really like cheesecake ;)

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