Thursday, September 5, 2013

To my washer and dryer, with love.

I never fully understood what having a washer and dryer meant--until I didn't have one...

It all began 9 years ago, when I moved to LA. I moved into a gorgeous apartment complex that had many great amenities, but it did not have a washer and dryer in the apartment itself. Now, I had done laundry prior to living on my own, but I never really gave much thought to having a washer and dryer. Or to not having them. I didn't think twice about moving into a place without one. As long as there was somewhere to do laundry, I'd be fine.

Yeah, well I was wrong. I quickly learned to appreciate what it was like having a home back East where I could do laundry without lugging laundry baskets and detergents down hallways and elevators, and  then climbing stairs to reach a laundry room that had machines which only took quarters or required a laundry card in order to use. (I'll also note the annoyance of always needing to have rolls of quarters handy, or loading money onto laundry cards--that only accept $5 or $10 dollar bills nonetheless--just to even do the laundry.)

Fast forward to the present (or kind of present): A few months back I had heard some sort of buzzing about my apartment complex ordering new in-unit washer and dryers. When I moved into this complex (downtown), my apartment actually had a washer/dryer "in one"-- that never, ever worked. I immediately had maintenance pull it out of the closet it was in, so I could at least utilize the extra closet space. But the thought of the potential ease a new washer and dryer would bring to my life had me day dreaming...

I promptly bugged the apartment manger to put me on "the list" for those wanting the new washer and dryers (who wouldn't want one?); the units they were currently leasing would receive them first, versus the tenants who had lived there oh, almost four years or so. (I wasn't particularly happy about that.) And wouldn't you know, patience pays off! Nine plus years of it, too, because months later, my apartment and I are now complete with our new--and working--(separate!) washer and dryer.

KB+WD = <3

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  1. Yayyyy. Now you just need a stool so you can reach it!! ;-)