Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Over the over-tweezing.

Lets talk brows...

I don't know what it is about being younger and obsessing over tweezing your eyebrows. Well, obsessing over over-tweezing them. Looking back, the whole tadpole eyebrow thing is so embarrassing (and it's unfortunate there is still photographic proof of it), but if there's one thing I can tell my future daughter, it will be leave your eyebrows alone!

I'm not sure what exactly changed--maybe it was just years of staring at photos of my early teenage years--but something inside of me finally snapped: I realized there is nothing more beautiful than a thick, full brow (think back to Brooke Shields in the 80s). Tweezing too much and creating insanely high arches winds up giving you almost a Botoxed look, kind of like you are surprised all the time. (Or kind of like you are surprised all the time?)

Eyebrows can completely change how your face looks. A well-shaped and properly groomed brow will open your eyes and bring balance to your face. I love both Miranda Kerr and Diane Kruger for their fashion sense, but above all, for their gorgeous eyebrows:

Here are some eyebrow shaping tips from ELLE. And here are a bunch of examples of how not to shape your brows.

PS- Eyebrow expert Anastasia Soare further explain why eyebrows should be thick, here.

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