Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday!

And a very happy Friday at that! Not for any particular reason other than keeping a positive mindset :)

What will you do this coming weekend? I have to clean my apartment a bit, as I am still slowly redecorating, and I will be showing my friend the ropes of how to care for my dogs while I'll be in Europe. (It's almost a month away now!) Here are some links for what to buy, what to make, what to do, what to see..

An Everlane Seed Stitch sweater, to pair with anything.

This Hammered Gold Couplet Ring. (Swoon.)

Skinny chicken & broccoli alfredo with spaghetti squash (my new favorite!).

The Last Bookstore in DTLA, to stock up on some good reads.

The last weekend of the LA County Fair! (My friend Ingrid went and blogged about it, here!)

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