Monday, September 23, 2013

Echo Park Lake.

Echo Park Lake is my new go-to place. Since my friend Jane introduced me, I think I've been there weekly. It's a great place to go for a walk, take young kids, bring your dog, or even have a cute picnic (which I did with my friend Carli last week)! You can even go paddle boating or take a canoe ride. Seriously, it's that cute.

This past weekend, my friend Monique and her son Nate (from this post) met me at the lake. I was excited to have the little guy in tow to show him around; it's always fun to watch young kids take in a new environment and get excited over the little things.

^^Point proven right here. How exciting a lily pad can be! It makes you remember to appreciate the beauty in the small things.

^^You know it's mine if there's a lipstick stain.

^^Did I mention there's even a playground for the little ones?
^^And then we went paddle boating! Nate was probably enjoying it more than Monique and I did. We didn't want to wait for the 2-seater boat, and struggled peddling the 4-seater just as 2. My legs definitely got a good workout though.
^^What makes the lake even more fun is their cute little cafe! They have the best selection of food (sweet potato bites, frozen bananas, breakfast, burgers, kale salad--everything!), and an amazing watermelon-mint lemonade. The best part? It's all so well priced!
^^This one enjoyed the lemonade, too :)
^^Hard to get more handsome than this guy ;)

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