Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Because he asked.

Well, because he mentioned...

"I wanna make the blog!"
The boyfriend has made low profile cameos on the blog here or there, usually accompanied with the respective abbreviation "bf."  I was explaining that to him when we were talking about it yesterday, and he said "bf" means "best friend." (Womp.) I think on a rare occasion, I've actually spelled out the word "boyfriend"...but back to the point.

I'm pretty private. He's pretty private. So I guess it makes sense that for me--or for us--this blog isn't one to flaunt our relationship. But I'm not going to lie, it can get tricky about what to share vs. what not to share. (At least in my opinion.) There are times when I really want to post photos and share stories I particularly love; but then I think again and usually decide to keep the more sacred things closer to my heart. My mother and grandmother would say I'm like my father in this regard, ie "too private," but hey. It works for me.

Two of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo and Love Taza, share pretty much every aspect of their life. And I completely adore it. Part of me wishes I was able to be more open and willing to share certain parts of me and my life. Maybe I feel as though I'd be putting myself in a more vulnerable, or a more honest place if I did that. Not to say I'm not being honest now, or that I haven't been in the past...

Don't misconstrue this next point, because I'm not trying to compare myself to a celebrity by any means, but think of relationships a la Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, or Jay-Z and Beyonce--you rarely see photos of them together, and they certainly are not parading their relationships around town. And considering the amount of failed celebrity unions, I don't think having their relationships intact and being low-profile is coincidental. And with that said, I'm not saying that people who don't mind putting their personal lives out there are necessarily flaunting or parading it, nor will they come to an end because of it. I guess what I'm still trying to figure out is a good balance of the personal life share. I don't think there's a blanket solution for all, hence my ongoing struggle. Or maybe I'm just over-thinking the whole thing. But in a small effort to be more open and share some things I love, below are a couple of my favorite photos of my boyfriend, Joe (he has a name), with my dogs Ziggy and Nellie.

And, you can almost see his whole face ;)


  1. ♥ come visit already! november 15th? december 5th? let's find you a cute airbnb place for a weekend with the "bf" and the dogs.

  2. Krista girl, I love this post and I love that you are happy. Hugs & Kisses ~Lisa K.