Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LA + Me.

You can't quite tell from this old cell phone flick, but 2 years ago, I got the date I moved to LA tattooed on my inner arm. (Sorry, mom.) It was on my 7th anniversary--I figured go with the whole lucky number 7 thing--and I got the date written as it was on my plane ticket (which I still have).

It's crazy to think I've lived in this city almost an entire decade. (It's also crazy to think I'm that old...to have lived in a city post-highschool for that long.) I never thought twice about the move after I made it; LA just instantaneously become home. I almost felt bad, because so many people would ask if I missed "home," and I would think "but wait...I am home, here in LA!"

So, as I become nostalgic about my first years here, I can remember why I so easily fell in love with this place:
  • The beautiful SoCal weather.
  • People say hello if you pass by them! (I hadn't noticed that so much in Massachusetts.)
  • The beaches--Malibu days with my dogs are my favorite.
  • Dog parks! I lived across the street from one for a few years, and it was so convenient.
  • The lax environment (which can also be a bit slow and annoying to me at times--but I still love it).
  • Exercising outside: amazing hikes and the Santa Monica stairs, in particular.
  • Flea market shopping at the Rose Bowl and Melrose Trading Post.
  • Farmers Market Sundays (and now Wednesdays and Thursdays).
  • Hands down, the best Mexican food around.
  • Smart people from all walks of life (I love me a good convo).
  • Street culture--graffiti art, considered as actual art!
  • My home of the last 4ish years, Downtown LA.
Just to name a few.  Happy anniversary, LA! Thanks for treating me so well.

(More opinions of why LA is so great,  here, here and here.)

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