Friday, August 9, 2013

I have a tomato...

*$#% my boyfriend!

I realize this may catch you a bit off guard. I was talking to my mother this morning about this really, really crazy situation that's been happening, but got thrown off course when I noticed my new plants were growing! I was telling her that I was writing the bf a sappy text about how I wanted him to come home, but then saw my plants sprouting and yelled "I have a tomato, #@$* my boyfriend!" (Sorry babe, love you.) I think I was both stunned by the fact that they were actually growing, and that I was so enamored and proud of this growth, that I got a bit carried away...(sorry again, boo!)

And then my mother said that should be a title of a book. Gotta love her encouragement.

So, last weekend, I went to Ross and found an adorable "garden" of 6 planters for tomatoes and green peppers. For some reason, I've recently been into plants and putting some green in my apartment, so I was kind of excited to come across these guys--for $1.99 nonetheless. Everyone I know back East is able to have backyards and gardens, so this was my way of feeling like I kind of can too--out of my apartment window. And wouldn't you know, I guess I did something right with 2 out of the 6 (either that or the other 4 will catch up), because when I went to water them this morning, I found these baby sprouts! Let's just hope they continue growing. (If so, I'm sure updates will follow.) Oh, and the bf sent me a text saying "Yay! Go girl!" after I showed him the progress. So all is good there. Unless he potentially reads this.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh hey, green thumb! Woot woot. Jealous.. But good for you nonetheless. *#%^ the tomato, I've got a husband!! :P haha makes me feel better about the situation! ;-)