Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hikes are therapeutic. For someone like me, who lives smack in the middle of a city, there is just something about getting out in the open, feeling the wind on my face and tasting smog-free air. Being a Los Angeles transplant makes me value these walks with nature a bit more too, because it makes me think back to my life in Massachusetts and how different my life is now.

I always wonder about having children and raising them here in LA. It would be such a drastic change to what my upbringing was like...but I guess that's kind of to be expected. I ran around barefoot in my backyard--which I totally took for granted, not knowing later in life I'd be yard-less in Los Angeles. I had a swing set. And I would run around and catch butterflies and caterpillars and salamanders and lightening bugs. (Note: I have never seen a lightening bug in LA.) I even got excited about mowing the lawn!

I also had a tree house. And it was probably the coolest tree house one could have (just sayin'). It was a legitimate little house, shingles and all....sitting in a tree. I'd sit and play UNO with my neighbor in the upstairs part of the tree house (it really had an upstairs). Those are the things I think about, and wonder if I would be depriving my future children if they were unable to do or have those things...

Maybe some of what I had, I won't be able to provide for any future children; however, the focus should  instead be on what I did not have that I can now provide, here in LA. (Or wherever I wind up!) I never got to go on hikes in the Malibu and Santa Monica mountains. Or grow up in SoCal, with arguably the best weather in the world. That will have to account for something, right?

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  1. glad we had a chance to talk. I just re-read this post our conversation and it all totally makes sense. can't wait for your visit!